Question Water?

Our relationship with water has drastically changed in the "modern" world. Over the past century our access to potable (drinkable) water has increased dramatically and has given way to phenomenal population growth in arid (dry) regions. Agriculture, energy generation and water recreation have been determined by the surge of Federal projects and implemented by the Army of Civil Engineers throughout the 20th century. 

The significance of how we use water 
is more vital now than ever. 

Are the waterways and water sources realistic and sustainable?
Has the design of waterways benefited our future generations?
What are the short comings of the design and what steps do we take to improve it?

There are many questions that we should and need to ask ourselves to ensure our water is secure for a tomorrow.

In future posts, we will be looking at many angles of water sources, uses, and solutions to it's scarcity. Here's an interesting documentary about dams that recently came out in May 2014!

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Also available on Netflix.