Why now?

I have been trying to figure out how to contribute my knowledge and skills to the betterment of society for many years now. Over the past five it has become very clear on the mission of my contribution, thus the creation and idea of Sustainable Awareness.

I came up with the name while I was taking my Permaculture classes in 2010 through Urban Harvest, at the University of Houston. I was looking for a concept to capture what I was learning. The word sustainable had become synonymous to permaculture, but was missing a key element that Permaculture Design really brought to the foreground for me. A clear sense of awareness.

I am a designer of many things and have often confronted elements that lack any acknowledgment to the design process. From who the audience is to where a product will end up after it's life-cycle, these are questions of design and design permeates through out all our lives.

So, back to the question. Why now?

It is time to acknowledge the elements that make up our design process.